Frequently asked questions

How much will the car cost to insure?

Honestly we wouldn't have a clue... The only way you will get an answer would be to ask your insurer. If you want to get an idea of cost perhaps pop the registration number into one of the many online comparison sites to get a quote.


How much is the road tax?

Each car has a band rating that relates to the CO2 emission being produced. Check the band rating against the DVLAs vehicle tax rate chart to find the tax cost (The band rating is found within the cars specification details).


What's your best price?

Our best price is the price we have advertised the car at. What people usually mean when they ask the question is "is the price negotiable ?"...


Whilst we will ALWAYS listen to sensible offers, the reality is that the car is already being sold at an aggressively strong price. If we aren't spot on with our internet led pricing we wouldn't sell cars... its that simple. The days of overpricing cars in a local press advert then haggling for "fun" has long since disappeared...


Is the car available?

If it's still advertised chances are it will be available... but it's always worth checking...we may have taken a holding deposit or someone might be on their way to view the car.


Can I drive the car?

Of course...we wouldn't expect anyone to buy a car without driving it first... All that we ask is that you take time to have a good look round the car first of all to ensure you are happy with its cosmetic condition... Driving the car wont change its colour, price or condition, so ensure you are happy with everything first ...then by all means have a drive.